Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aw man, haven't been here in a while.

But I'm happy as fuck, and that's good.


I promise to post more this summer, and perhaps a background story as to why I'm so happy...


  1. Hello~
    I'm happy for you :D just because you're happy.

    Anyway, you may or may not care: but I saw that you were a follower of my blog, and I have come to inform you I am deleting my blog! :O Soon.

    I made another one. I checked out Tumblr, but blogging there is not nearly as creative as Blogspot. Just in case you considered it at one point. My new blog is http://ebibenta.blogspot.com/

    Sorry to bother. :}
    Thanks, former follower.
    - Ellen

  2. I love your blog:) It's really good!
    I hope that you will check mine: