Saturday, December 26, 2009

i like these survey things

Hangin' with the fam
The 26th of December... that awkward day after Christmas
Cam :]
Ehh not really
Yep :D
In a relationship
haha oh my god you have no idea
Probably not
Cam or Steph
I get the little I make from selling Cam's merch and babysitting occasionally
Cam... same as every day haha
Definitley like blue... like an azure
Brown... with a 'lil bit of green
That I sing well I guess? But that compliment I usually only receive from my mom
I don't know... normal size?
Cam when I talked to him on the phone this afternoon (I've been talking about him a lot... oh jeez :p)
Guess so... they're okay
Haha it's not really a secret
Because I was stupid enough to think he really liked me... actually it wasn't really a relationship... more of a quasi one... but whatever :p
I don't travel out of the country much, but I went to France when I was really little
Forever... haha but I should probably get used to not doing much showering
Hell no
To a degree (I obviously can't do splits haha)
It's comin' up real soon... I'll probably chill with Cam and the boys
Last year? nope. This year? nope
I speak a little bit of French
Like 7?
A bed? Sometimes a bunkbed when I tag along with Cam on tour
funny... duh
Since Pluto
My bracelet
I'm going over to see Cam and the boys in a half an hour for pizza
Nope... even though he claims otherwise to basically everyone else -.-
Social... who?
My favorite skinny jeans
That's a stupid question.
New Moon (hated it) :p
To a degree...
? To be loved as much as Cam (not by me...)
Cam... when he's not making me envious
Song writing
I'm gonna go have pizza
July 14


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